Council and Police Should Get Tough on Litter

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A person unknown consumed a drink and food from a fast food outlet while on Douglas Terrace earlier in the week. Many people on foot, or in their cars, find this a fine spot to have their lunch and admire the magnificent river view at the same time. No problem! The Ferry welcomes residents and visitors alike who want to enjoy their lunch and the river view.

BUT what we don't appreciate is folk who carelessly discard their rubbish on the road because they can't be bothered to use one of the litter bins or dispose of their rubbish at home.

While the Council and Police don't deserve all the blame for the sloppy habits of a minority of our residents and visitors, they can be more active using their existing powers:

a criminal offence, subject to a maximum fine of £2,500. Either the police or a local council can prosecute litterers. In addition, Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 can be issued by local council staff or the police for littering."

I have written to Councillor Craig Melville, the Convener of Environmental Services and Chief Superintendent Hamish Macpherson of Police Scotland in Dundee, to ask them to step up the action. 

Litter make our streets unsightly and diverts money from other services into more street cleaning. According to Keep Scotland Tidy, the cost of clearing litter across Scottish local authorities currently stands at £65 million per year. Let's get it sorted!