Dundee City of Young and Confident Swimmers?

Grove Academy Swimming Pool
Let's get our children swimming!

With the new Olympia opening on Thursday, I think it's time to ask how we can exploit the outstanding quality and number of public and secondary school based swimming pools we have in Dundee and ensure that all our young people have an opportunity to learn to swim.

While we have some very active and successful swimming clubs and many indoor pools, I think more could be done in our Primary Schools to help make Dundee a City of young and confident swimmers.

According to The Royal Life Saving Society UK, more than 400 people drown in the UK each year, and thousands suffer near-drowning experiences. Shockingly drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK so this brings into sharp focus the importance of learning to swim.

In our primary and secondary schools, the Scottish Government have a target for two hours of quality physical education per week but surprisingly there is no specific target for learning to swim.  According to national swimming organisations, it takes at least 22 hours of sustained small group lessons to teach a child to swim. I understand that many of our children receive less time than that for swimming lessons during their Primary School years. 

In this National Drowning Prevention Week, I hope we can adopt our own target in Dundee and promote Dundee as a City of Young Swimmers. In this way we should not only ensure that we make good use of our swimming pools but more importantly provide access to well experienced swimming coaches and swimming lessons as part of the curriculum entitlement for all our primary school pupils.


Broughty Ferry Art Society Annual Exhibition Open Until 7 July 2013

Broughty Ferry Art Society's annual exhibition runs until 7th July.

This exhibition showcases members' work as well as local schools' winners.

The exhibition is in the Scout Halls near the Lifeboat shed and will be open from 10 -6 pm daily. Admission is free.

Commenting on Proposals to Limit the Numbers of Taxi Licenses in Dundee

At the Licensing Committee yesterday, we were asked to consider putting a cap on the number of taxi licenses in Dundee (Item 3. [i] Licensing Committee Thursday 27 June 2013). This recommendation was based on the Report of Taxi Survey which had been produced by external consultants. 

I asked at the meeting about how future increases in demand for taxis could be accommodated? For example, the projected opening of the V and A and how this might be taken into account if the number of taxis was capped? I was conscious that the recently launched Tourism Action Plan for Dundee is projecting half a million visitors to the city in the first year after the V and A opens and 300,000 per year thereafter. We don't want visitors to the city arriving and finding they have to queue for a lengthy period for a taxi. That would create a very poor first impression of our city. 

I was reassured by the confirmation from Council staff that the annual updating of the survey will be able to accommodate future actual and anticipated increases in demand for taxis such as the opening of the V and A.


Grove Academy Celebrating Success at Caird Hall Prizegiving

Click on image to enlarge
Yesterday, I attended Grove Academy's annual Celebrating Our Success ceremony held in the Caird Hall.

The school's annual prize giving is a good opportunity to hear about the achievements of the pupils and their teachers as the school session comes to a close.

In his address, the Rector, Graham Hutton drew attention to Grove's very positive HMiE report following their school inspection in early 2013; the improving examination results and the adoption of a Values statement for the school.

He also referred to the commitment of his staff undertaking continuous professional development to help inform their implementing the curriculum for excellence and preparing to teach towards to the new examinations in S4.

The prizegiving programme also included some enjoyable and accomplished musical performances by Grove pupils featuring the String Group, the Rock Band, the Pipe Band and Douglas Clark who played the Caird Hall organ.

The leadership of senior pupils was also evident in the participation of Prefects who took it in turns to announce the Merit Award winners as they came up on stage to receive their certificates. Head Girl, Danielle Parsons and Head Boy, Neal Miller rounded the afternoon off with a confident and polished vote of thanks.


Parking Issues in Fisher Street Close to the Lifeboat to be Investigated

One of my constituents recently wrote to me about parking issues in Fisher Street in central Broughty Ferry:
"We frequently pass along Fisher Street, Broughty Ferry, and are becoming increasingly concerned about the car/van parking situation at the 'Ferry' end of Fisher Street. Many times we have passed and wondered how on earth emergency vehicles could fit themselves between the vehicles parked on both sides of this stretch of road. This seems to be legal at some times but, if one of the vehicles is a van (as we saw yesterday) the road space is considerably reduced to the point of having to squeeze even a car through the gap. If fire engines or ambulances were trying to pass through we are concerned that, if they could not, the extra time required to find a passable alternative route could be critical."

I have written to the Director of Transportation to ask him to include Fisher Street in his list of roads in Broughty Ferry where parking restrictions may need to be reviewed. It's clearly important that emergency vehicles and bin lorries can get through our streets.

Looking at the photograph of Fisher Street from Norman Moore's collection of 'Dundee in the 1950's and 1960's', the contrast with the volume of cars parked and using the road now is really apparent.


Temporary Closure of Dundee Road from Stannergate Circle to Ralston Road for Resurfacing Coming Soon



being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of  carriageway surface dressing works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in  A930 Dundee Road (from Stannergate roundabout to Ralston Road), Dundee.

This notice comes into effect on Saturday 29 June 2013

The weekends of 6/7 July and 13/14 July may be used if the works are delayed due to weather conditions.

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.

Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Craigie Place / Craigie Avenue / Strathern Road / Fairfield Road.

For further information contact (01382) 433168.

Director of City Development

NB I have asked the Council to postpone starting this road resurfacing on Sunday 29 June as it's also Gala Day in The Ferry.

Worrying Claims Higher Maths Exam Was Dumbed Down

Earlier today a former senior examiner at the SQA has claimed that this year’s Higher Maths exam was ‘dumbed down’.

These are serious allegations and they come on the back of the departure of the senior Higher Maths examination team at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Concerns were previously expressed that the marking regime would be altered to ensure that pass rates didn’t fall and now we have an experienced examiner saying that standards have been significantly lower and the exam questions have been dumbed down. 

Pupils, parents and carers, employers and universities need to know that standards are being maintained and quality is not being compromised. This is the latest in a series of worrying reports about the Higher Maths exam. Mike Russell, the Education Secretary in the Scottish Government needs to explain just exactly what is going on and give an assurance that there is no 'grade inflation' going on behind the scenes. 

Scottish Labour also believes that the Education Committee of the Scottish Parliament should conduct an inquiry into this when the Parliament resumes in September. We can't afford to be complacent about maintaining the gold standard of our Scottish Higher examinations. 


Repair to Leaking Sewer on Broughty Beach Planned to Start Today But Permanent Solution is Yet to be Scheduled

Scottish Water confirmed on Thursday evening that they have managed to schedule the repair work to the leaking sewer pipe on the Beach near the Douglas Terrace end of the coastal pathway. Work is planned to begin today.

I hope that they will have enough time between the tides to stem this particular leak and not need to come back tomorrow. I understand however that this is only likely to be a temporary repair. Since leaks of foul water on the beach were identified last year close to the current visible leak, Scottish Water have admitted that a permanent replacement of this sewer pipe and the junction buried under the beach is required. While I am assured by them that a comprehensive replacement is being planned, the timescale for undertaking this seems to be stretching into the future.

I think Broughty Ferry residents will be relieved that this particular repair is now going ahead but like me will also want Scottish Water to get on with the work to permanently replace this troublesome section of the sewers. They will also want to to be know that our beaches will be protected from the source of this pollution over the rest of the summer.


Big Bus Changes Ahead for Broughty Ferry from Next Sunday

Next Sunday, 30 June 2013, will see wide ranging changes to National Express Dundee bus services in the City.

The most significant change for The Ferry is the reintroduction of the Outer Circle service after an absence of around three years.  At the same time Service 26 will be withdrawn. 

In addition there will apparently be a co-ordinated timetable for the 5 service with the new Outer Circular service. I hope this is achievable but in practice it will probably be a real challenge to synchronize two of the cross city bus routes.

Here are the key points from the leaflet produced by National Express about the Service 5 and the new Outer Circle:

Service 5
  • 10 minute frequency Monday—Saturday 
  • Serving Science Sensation Centre (Monday—Saturday) 
  • An increase in the early morning journeys to Technology Park 
  • Sunday service extended to Ninewells Hospital/Technology Park to operate every 20 minutes from Balgillo. 
  • A co-ordinated timetable with the new Outer Circular. 
  • Following customer feedback minibuses have been removed in favour of the brand new Hybrids. 
Service 9,10,11,12 
  • Re-introduction of the Outer Circle Service after an absence of 4 years
  • Will re-serve the centre of Charleston via Craigowan Road
  • Service 9/10 will serve the Stack Leisure Park and operate in the evenings and all day Sunday to the Camperdown Leisure Park.
  • Evening journeys will also serve Harefield Road (Tofthill)
  • Earlier Sat/Sun am journeys introduced on Service 9/10 to serve Ninewells Hospital and Tesco Call Centre (Baird Avenue)
  • Service 11/12 will serve the Kingsway Retail Park, and lower Douglas (part of Douglas Drive)
  • Journeys to operate to midnight with support from Dundee City Council
I hope these changes are as beneficial as National Express Dundee are claiming and bus users find they are really advantageous.

Read/download the new Dundee Bus Network Map effective 30 June 2013


Responses From The Council to Broughty Ferry Issues: Some Positive News

Flowerbed weeded at Douglas Terrace open space
and re-seeded area the near the road
Click on image to enlarge
Over the four weeks, I have reported a number of environmental issues that had been raised with me by constituents. Many have had a satisfactory outcome while others are progressing towards a solution.

For example, I reported to the Environment Department attention was required at the triangle of open space at the end of Douglas Terrace. Part of this area had been used as a site compound by the contractor when they worked on the upgrading of the adjacent coastal pathway. As a first step, the flower beds have been weeded and the rutted 'grass' area re-surfaced and re-seeded.

At the end of May, two residents from dispersed sheltered housing in Anton Drive and Nursery Road asked me to request the removal of a steel container. This had apparently been left by the Council contractor that had been working on the kitchen and bathroom replacements in their houses. The residents wanted this shifted as the work had been finished for some time. Several days later the Housing Department arranged for the container to be uplifted.

On Wednesday this week, I reported a large patch of giant hogweed on the embankment next to a lay by on the eastbound stretch of the A92 between the East Balgillo Road and Panmurefield roundabouts. On Thursday the area was sprayed by the Council.

Last month, along with the Community Council, I commented on the very poor state of the fencing on the dunes beside the The Esplanade. This picket fencing had previously been put in to help stabilise the dunes and funnel members of the public to a few well demarcated crossing points onto the beach. Following storm force winds the fencing had been broken and the crossing points buried under accumulations of sand. I asked for a solution but none is yet forthcoming. As a constituent said to me this week, what are those scrappy bits of fencing doing?  I have written again to the Environment Department.


Broughty Ferry Gala Week 2013 Free Colour Programme

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, it's also nearly time for the fun and enjoyment of Broughty Ferry Gala Week.  

This year Gala Week will run from Sunday 30th June until Sunday 7th July 2013. 

Gala week kicks off with the Gala Fete on Sunday June 30th starting at 1pm at the Castle Green with a brilliant range of stalls, activities and events including:

Live Music from Celtic rock band Gleadhraich - Traditional Fete Games - BBQ - Beer Tent - Face Painting - Indoor Cafe - Karaoke - Bungee Run - Water Bubble - RAF Harrier Simulator - Dundee Sparklettes from Dorwin Stage School - Karen Scrimgeour - Lady With A Hundred Pockets - Fire Brigade - Fiddlers Rally at Tea Room - Downfield Musical Society - Fortune Teller - Children’s Fun Rugby Games - Win Water or Wine (which key to open the door?) - Sports Development: Activities and Fun for all the family! - Grove Army Cadet Force - Climbing Tower - Henna Hand Painting - Crepes - Karate Display by Tenshinkan Ecosse - Dancilious - Radio Car Club - Arbroath Smokies Spinks - The Sesh, Wands - Guess No. of Balloons in the Car (courtesy of West End Garage) - Radio Tay Roadshow. 

As we have come to expect, there is something for everyone in the Gala Programme. Pick up a copy of the free colour programme in the shops or read/download a copy by clicking on this link.

There is also a day by day list of events on the Broughty Ferry Traders, website, Come to Broughty Ferry. Find them also on Facebook.


Commenting on ASPIRE Music, Art and Drama Project in Nine Primary Schools and Reduction in Music Fees

On the Education Committee's agenda next Monday (24 June 2013) are reports about the Aspire Project and Music Fees. 

The Aspire report outlines a potential Music, Art and Drama programme which would operate in a quarter of our Primary Schools in Dundee. Each of the nine primary schools selected would  be involved in either the Music, Art or Drama programme over the next two years. In each of these schools they would have some input from a professional musician, artist or actor. I hope that the funding bids to four external sources are successful so that the Aspire programme can go ahead and begin in August when the schools go back after the summer holidays. If Aspire is judged a success in the future, I hope it will be made available in every primary school in the city and not just the nine initially selected. 

I also welcome the separate proposal to reduce the cost of learning a musical instrument in the Council's Music Education programme which offers pupils opportunities to learn to play musical instruments and to take part in a variety of musical activities. In this proposal before us next Monday, the Education Committee will be asked to approve the removal of fees for individual tuition, currently £132 per pupil per year, but the retention of hire charges for musical instruments currently £78 per year. This latter charge is for personal use of a musical instrument such as a violin or trumpet so that the pupil can receive their small group tuition as well as practise on the instrument at home. I think this proposed cut in fees for pupils learning a musical instrument may help reduce one of the barriers to children taking part in learning to play a musical instrument and perform in the citywide bands and orchestras.

But I think we need to know that both of these proposals can really be afforded without sacrificing something else which parents and carers, pupils and teachers might more highly value in our schools. I have contacted the Education Directorate about a number of issues on which I am seeking clarification before the Education Committee meeting next week.

Councillor Kevin Kennan said:
"I am a supporter of the development of music art and drama in our schools. But there is no getting away from the fact that the Council is operating in a challenging financial climate so each spending decision is a tough choice between more of this and less of that. The fact that I have identified that does not mean I am against the potential widening of participation in music tuition in our schools. I am pointing out what this will likely have a cost elsewhere in schools and asking if this is a price worth paying?"


Dundee Makes the Shortlist for UK City of Culture 2017

Earlier today, Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey MP announced that Dundee, had made the shortlist to become UK City Of Culture 2017. Dundee is joined by Hull, Leicester and Swansea Bay on that shortlist. 

This is brilliant news.

Dundee as one of the shortlisted cities will now be invited to submit a final bid by the end of September. The selection panel for the award will then meet again to decide a winner which will be announced in November.

It was good to hear the positive feedback from from Phil Redmond, Chair of the independent advisory panel. He said:
"The panel thought the four short listed cities offered plans that were ambitious, realistic and would not only deliver for their communities, but would also maintain the momentum created around the success of Derry-Londonderry (UK City of Culture 2013)."

Now for the sustained collaborative working to bring together a compelling final bid to take the crown, UK City of Culture 2017!

Brian Cox Returns to Broughty Ferry to Officially Open the Refurbished Street Lamps in Beach Crescent

John Dobbie, Chair of BFDT, introduces Brian Cox
click on image to enlarge
Yesterday afternoon Brian Cox returned to Broughty Ferry. On this occasion he was not on location filming an episode of Bob Servant but here to perform the official opening of the restored historic lamp standards in Beach Crescent. 

A group of members and supporters of Broughty Ferry Development Trust (BFDT) gathered to hear Brian's appreciative comments about The Ferry and the determined and effective conservation work of the Development Trust. He remarked that it was a bit early in the day to turn on the street lights but declared, 
"long may they light!"

This was a memorable event which demonstrates that BFDT is living up to its mission statement:
"Involving the people who live and work in Broughty Ferry in the development of their community to enhance its environmental, historical and commercial assets and promote it as a high quality place to live, work and visit." 

Joining the BFDT is free.
Just email 


Temporary Road Closure in Gray Street Broughty Ferry from 11pm 22 July - 6am 24 July 2013



THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of Network Rail maintenance works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Gray Street (from Queen Street to Brook Street), Broughty Ferry.

This notice comes into effect on Monday 22 July 2013 at 11pm until Wednesday 24 July at 6am.

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.

Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Brook Street / St Vincent Street / Queen Street.

For further information contact (01382) 433168.

Mike P Galloway
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council


Brian Cox to Officiate at Ceremony to Mark the Refurbishment of the Historic Street Lights in Beach Crescent

On Tuesday June 18th Broughty Ferry Development Trust (BFDT) has arranged a ceremony to mark the completion of the refurbishment of the ornate Victorian Lamp standards on Beach Crescent. Brian Cox, aka Bob Servant, has agreed to officiate at the ceremony outside Orchar House.

The ornate Victorian lampposts on Beach Crescent, each of which depict Broughty Ferry Castle in relief on the doors, were previously in a very bad state. The Development Trust obtained funding to refurbish them from the Dundee Historic Environment Trust. The refurbishment is now complete. 

These same lamp post might have ended up in the skip in the 1960s when the vogue was 'out with the old and in with the new'. One of the Development Trust's founder members, the late David Goodfellow, saved these lamp posts from going to scrap by drawing attention to their significance and secured their current positions along Beach Crescent.

BFDT are grateful to Dundee City Council’s Lighting Department for refurbishing the Provost’s Lamppost, also situated on Beach Crescent, that commemorated Provost Orchar’s tenure as Provost of Broughty Ferry between 1886 and 1898. This was before Broughty Ferry was incorporated into Dundee in 1913.

Broughty Ferry Development Trust (BFDT) is a charitable organisation, with over 150 members, which aims to improve Broughty Ferry by accessing grants to progress sensitive development supported by the community.


Sunday Afternoon Bandstand at Barnhill Rock Garden - Sunday 16 June 2-3 pm

Between 2 and 3 pm on Sunday 16 June 2013, Tayport Instrumental Band will be playing at Barnhill Rock Garden at the end of the Esplanade.

Those who enjoy brass band music should be in for an afternoon of great music in the sun at this free concert.



Potential of Cycling Tourism in Dundee Needs to be Added to Tourism Action Plan

Earlier this week Transform Scotland published their report, The Value of Cycle Tourism: Opportunities for the Scottish Economy.

The report makes a good case for promoting cycling for tourists; which can lead to positive benefits for employment in hospitality related services. I think there are some important messages for the City.

The authors' calculation of the economic impact of cyclo tourism is based on a count of the number of participants attracted to annual cycling events held throughout Scotland. I notice, however, that Claverhouse Rotary Club's Cyclathon around the Dundee Green Circular in early September was not included.

Maybe this is because the event was instigated and promoted as a local charity fundraising event. It's a great day out and one that could well draw in visitors from further afield. Perhaps, with the agreement of Claverhouse Rotary, their Cyclathon could be included in Dundee's annual programme of events which we actively publicise to tourists?

While we have an excellent map of the Dundee Green Circular to issue to visitors, I also wondered where the tourists, who turned up without their own bikes, might hire a bike in Dundee? Perhaps there are places, but none spring to mind. Wouldn't it be good to be able to offer future visitors to the VandA Dundee the opportunity to continue their stay in the city by hiring a bike and cycling down the enhanced largely off-road cycle route to Broughty Ferry? I know that not everyone would want to cycle along the waterfront but some folk would. I surely can't be the only person that wants something completely different after a few hours in a museum or gallery?

I have checked Dundee's first Tourism Action Plan, which was launched last month, and unfortunately it does not mention cycling once. I have written to Mike Galloway, Director of City Development to suggest that this report, from Transform Scotland, is referred to the staff and Consultative Group taking forward the Tourism Action Plan. I think there are some important opportunities and currently it would appear that Dundee is missing a trick.


Parked Cars Obstructing Approach at the Bridge

Once again residents have drawn my attention to the row of four vehicles almost permanently parked at the corner of West Queen Street and Dundee Road in The Ferry. 

In the picture you can see that two of the parked vehicles are hard by the approach to the railway bridge and, depending on your direction of approach, the view of the direction signs to The Ferry is partly obstructed. Two or three of these vehicles seem to be semi-permanently parked there, carry extensive advertising.

I understand from the Council's Transportation Department, that parking restrictions in Broughty Ferry are to be reviewed, later this year. I hope that this review will lead to some yellow lines close to the bridge junction to stop drivers sight lines being obstructed by those cars parked closest to the bridge.


Broughty Ferry Beach is Awarded Resort Seaside Award for 10th Year in a Row

I am pleased that, for the tenth year in a row, Broughty Ferry has been awarded the Resort Seaside Award by Keep Scotland Beautiful. This was confirmed in the latest list released by Keep Scotland Beautiful last week. In total 59 beaches in Scotland have been recognised for their excellent litter management, safety procedures and water quality.

The Seaside Resort Award indicates that Broughty Ferry beach is one of the cleanest and best managed beaches in the country. 

The Seaside Award has been used as a quality mark for Scotland’s beaches for the past 21 years.


Ferry Open Space Needing Care and Attention

The Council mowers had been out on Thursday cutting the grass on the triangle of land at the end of Douglas Terrace.  I commented last year about the rather poor effect of cutting the flatter section of open space one day and then coming back up to a week later to cut the steep banking with a different mower.

At the Environment Committee tonight, approval will be sought for the purchase of several new mowers. I hope that with this additional pool of equipment, it will be possible for all sections of grassy areas like this to be cut on the same day.

The flower bed at the same location is also looking rather sad. I have asked the Environment Department to arrange to weed and replant this. I have also asked them to fill in the ruts that were made in the surface of the grass (out of shot) when the contractors that upgraded the coastal pathway used this area for plant storage.


Broughty Ferry Heritage Walks Running Again Summer 2013

How much do you actually know about the history of Broughty Ferry?

The Beachie Heritage walks were first run last year and have returned due to popular demand. The walks will be scheduled throughout the summer and pre-booking is advised. Last year's extremely popular 'Graveyard Walk' is also being run on particular dates.

Here is your chance to learn many surprising facts about the Ferry whilst strolling around various locations which are connected to history. For instance did you know that Broughty Castle has a connection to Henry VIII and the 'Rough Wooing War'? Or that the Railway roll-on roll-off ferry was one of the earliest in the world?

There is no set charge for taking part in a heritage walk, but donations are invited in aid of Broughty Ferry Lifeboat.

Next Graveyard Walk - Tuesday June 11 2013 2-3pm
Start at St James Church, then all around Broughty Ferry
To book or enquire further - Contact Derek How
Telephone 01382 477407 or Mobile 07962 725600


Completion of Improvements at Broughty Ferry Station

I am pleased to be notified that the improvements at the Railway Station in Broughty Ferry are coming to an end and the vacant space on the down platform is now ready to let to a restaurant business.

This bring to a close a series of improvements that many residents in Broughty Ferry have come to appreciate. The historic former signal box has been restored and erected next to the down platform and the former unused waiting rooms remodeled to make space for a restaurant at the station. Thanks in no small part should go to David Hewick of the Community Council, who so persistently kept asking about the future of the old signal box after it had been dismantled. 

But the improvements have not just been about making the station look good. Importantly the number of stopping train services have increased, including services on Sundays, a special timetable has been issued and distributed in Broughty Ferry and passenger information screens have been erected on the platforms. More recently, following MSP Jenny Marra's Tay Train Tax campaign, which the Courier championed, some ticket prices from our station have been reduced too. Not surprisingly, this has meant that many more folk are letting the Broughty Ferry train take the strain.

Looking to the future, I think we deserve an hourly stopping service. I hope the Scottish Government will have included that in the forthcoming new rail franchise. We also need an automated ticket vending machine.


Dundee Beer Festival 7-9 June 2013 Forthill Sports Club

The Dundee Beer Festival is running this weekend Friday 7 - Sunday 9 June 2013. 

Over the years Dundee Round Table has raised thousands of pounds for local charities from its annual beer festival. 

This year’s event is being run in conjunction with Forthill Sports Club with all funds raised being split between the sports club and Dundee Round Table’s chosen charity The Brae Riding School for the Disabled

Turn up to up to hear great live music, enjoy lots of different beers and help raise money for two Ferry good causes.


Dundee 2nd Economic Summit- Focusing on Youth Unemployment and Capitalising on the V and A @ Dundee

Yesterday morning, I attended the 2nd Dundee Economic Summit at the Bonar Hall in Dundee. This focused on two key themes:

Youth Unemployment
At a time when youth unemployment is at its highest in a decade we need to take action now to offer more opportunities for our young people especially those that are long term unemployed.

As a contribution towards youth unemployment, David Dorward, the Council's Chief Executive, launched the Discover Opportunities Employer Pledge. This pledge supports the vision that employers from all sectors will work together to maximise employment and training opportunities for young people and adults in the City.

Capitalising on The VandA @ Dundee
The summit provided an opportunity to hear about Bilbao and Gateshead which have both used a major new cultural attraction to assist their regeneration. 

This was also a good opportunity to network with employers and partner agencies engaged in the Dundee Partnership.


Forthill Primary School Summer Fayre Saturday June 08 2013 10am - 2pm

This Saturday, 8 June 2013, Forthill Primary School will be holding their Summer Fayre. They invite us to come along and support their major fundraising and fun event. 

There will be a great range of stalls and activities including face painting, an inflatable assault course, games and much more.

Tea and coffee will be served. Cost £2/£1. All welcome.


Successful Litter Pick Organised by Broughty Ferry in Bloom

From left Stan Nutt, Laurie Bidwell,
Mary Holligan and Peter Sandwell
On Saturday afternoon I joined nine other volunteers undertaking the litter pick organised by Broughty Ferry in Bloom. This was their contribution to the one week Festival of Volunteering in Dundee running between Saturday 1st and Friday 7th June 2013.

The organisers supplied protective gloves, waste sacks, litter picks and fluorescent safety vests which made the job easier and less messy. 

Walking along the tide line we collected waste that had been discarded on the beach or washed up with the tide. The largest items we found included a section of interlocking site fencing and a car battery. As you can see in the picture our haul filled more than a few sacks.


Ferry Fishmongers Shop Sign Stolen

Police Officers in Broughty Ferry are appealing for information after a sign was stolen from the fishmongers shop  in Gray Street some time between 4.30pm on Saturday 25 May and 8am on Tuesday, 28 May.

The sign worth £1,000 had hung above the front door of the shop premises. It is wooden and carved in the shape of a fish. It measures 18 inches by 9 inches and is orange and gold in colour. 

If anyone knows where the sign is now, please contact Tayside Division on 101 or alternatively information can be passed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Remembering Coronation Day 3 June 1953

Sixty years ago today, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in Westminster Abbey in London. 

This anniversary reminds me that watching the coronation is my earliest memory of watching television. I was sitting on a cushion on the floor in front of many adults sitting in their chairs. We were all peering at the flickering black and white images on a 10" TV set.

I think I was on holiday with my parents and sister in the Isle of Wight and the set we watched was at our B and B.

The other lasting impression was the voice of Richard Dimbleby who did the commentary.

It's not surprising that this is my earliest memory of TV viewing as we didn't have a TV at home at the time; hardly affordable and certainly unfeasible as we lived in a house without electricity. 


Police Plan for Broughty Ferry 2013 Published

At the meeting of the Broughty Ferry Local Community Planning Partnership on Thursday evening, the Committee were briefed about the production, by Dundee based Police Scotland officers, of the Police Plan for Broughty Ferry 2013. 

This is I think probably the first time that there has been a specific Police Plan published for The Ferry; we have previously been covered by plans for Dundee.

Constituents should however be aware that our local Police, formerly Tayside Police and now Police Scotland have been committed partners in Community Planning and attend and report in writing to each quarterly meeting of The Ferry Local Community Planning Partnership.

When constituents have had a chance to read this, I would be interested in hearing your observations.

Read/download Police Scotland: The Ferry Multi Member Ward Plan 2013