Missing Bollard Located and to be Repaired and Replaced

Missing removable bollard on coastal pathway at Douglas Terrace in Broughty Ferry
On Saturday afternoon, I identified that the removable bollard at the end of the coastal pathway at Douglas Terrace was missing with a traffic cone covering the hole.
Link to previous posting about the bollard. 

On learning that it had been missing for more than a few days, I assumed that it been removed as a deliberate act of property damage. 

Subsequently, I requested a replacement from the transportation department.

On Monday afternoon I received more positive news. A manager from the Environment Department let me know that the bollard had been removed for repairing. Apparently, the dog bin man reported problems with removing the bollard to gain access to the bins on Grassy Beach. Apparently it should be back in place later this week.

Thanks to the staff in the Environment Department for maintaining our highly valued open space at Grassy Beach and the coastal pathway.


Grove Academy Eco Group Talking Wildflowers Project

Grove Academy Talking Wildflowers Project
Congratulations to the Grove Academy Eco Group who have been continuing their good work tending and developing the Community Garden in the Queen Street Car Park adjacent to Broughty Ferry Station.

In their latest project, Talking Wildflowers, they have identified and photographed over 20 wildflowers growing at the site. They have also written and recorded stories about 9 of them with more to follow. Their words and pictures can be found on a blog created by one of the pupils


Missing Bollard on Coastal Pathway at Douglas Terrace

Missing%20Bollard%20on%20Coastal%20Pathway%20in%20Broughty%20FerryThis afternoon, I went down to Grassy Beach to attend the open day organised by Dundee Sailing Club. 

On the walk there, I noticed that the removable bollard at the end of the coastal pathway at Douglas Terrace was missing. 

I have checked with Dundee Sailing Club and the Royal Tay Yacht Club and the bollard has apparently missing for the best part of a week. This is an important loss as the bollard helps to prevent motor vehicles from driving along the coastal pathway.

I have written to the Transportation Department to request that a replacement bollard is installed.


School Placing Requests - What you Can do if Your Choice of School is Refused

Placing Request Appeal Toolkit (Mainstream Schools) published by Govan Law Centre 2014
A parent or carer has the right to make a placing request to send their child to a particular school other than the one in whose catchment area they reside. The local education authority can refuse to accept a parent or carer's choice. If this happens, the parent or carer can take informal action by talking to the local education authority or formal action by appealing against the decision.

These resources may help inform pursuing either of these options:

Link to Citizens Advice Bureaux notes on Education choices for children 5 to 16 in Scotland

The 'Placing Request Appeal Toolkit' written by Iain Nisbet and Sarah-Jane Kissock - Education Law Solicitors at Govan Law Centre is also a useful resource

Click on this link to read the appeal toolkit or print out a copy - 12 pages.


Vote Today for Lesley Brennan as MP for Dundee East - Polling Stations Open 7 May 2015 From 07:00 - 22:00

Vote for Lesley Brennan Scottish Labour Candidate Dundee East 7 May 2015Today, Thursday 7 May 2015, its time to vote in Dundee East constituency for Lesley Brennan, Scottish Labour Party candidate in the elections to the UK Westminster parliament. 

Polling stations open 07:00 - 22:00.


Upgrading of Pavements in Broughty Ferry 2015-16

Pavement in Broughty Ferry in the process of upgrading prior to adoption
The City Engineer, has recently confirmed the programme for the upgrading of unadopted footways (pavements) for the current financial year. 

The £0.5million annual programme of work includes the following list of pavements in Broughty Ferry that have been prioritised for financial year 2015/16.

Work will commence on a phased basis starting in summer 2015.

  • Abertay Street - east footway only south of Hamilton Street
  • Stewart Street
  • Reres Road - south footway only Monifieth Road to Reres Park
I am sure residents who live and walk along these streets will be pleased that, at long last, their footways are being upgraded and thereafter adopted by the city council.


Appointed to Dundee Fairness Commission

Dundee Poverty Commission  Logo
At the end of April, I attended the inaugural meeting of Dundee Fairness Commission. I am one of two City Councillors to have been nominated to serve on this body. 

The formation of the fairness commission is a serious attempt to tackle poverty and inequality in Dundee by bringing together councillors, members of the community and professionals with expertise in this area to investigate successful approaches elsewhere, understand the concerns here and recommend a way forward.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to work with the other commissioners to try to devise ways to reduce the unacceptable scale of inequalities in our city. For example, I am acutely aware that many residents of The Ferry, which I represent as a Councillor, can expect to live on average 10 years longer than residents in some other parts of our city. Additionally a postcode is likely to predict the average attainment of pupils in our schools. 

It is not right and fair that there should be such a stark gulf in life chances in our city.


Big Beach Clean-Up Broughty Ferry Saturday 9 May 2015

Big Beach Clean-Up Marine Conservation Society
On Saturday 9 May 2015, the Marine Conservation Society are running a Big Beach Clean-up in Broughty Ferry beginning at 10:00. 

Join in on Saturday 9 May 2015. Start time: 10:00. The clean up will last between one and three hours. Protective gear and equipment will be supplied. 

Meeting place in the Mill Street car park, near the beach.

Event leader name and contact number: Mark McKenzie 07914114212


Lets Get On- Offers Free Classes and Support to Enjoy the Benefits of the Internet

Lets Get On digital campaign 2015
Spearheaded by the Scottish Government and galvanised by partner organisations, the Let’s Get On campaign is a concerted effort to help people from all walks of life to get connected and take advantage of the benefits of the digital age. 

Libraries, clubs and community organisations across Scotland are supporting the Let’s Get On campaign and offering people the opportunity to join classes and support groups, showing them how to get online and use the internet to their advantage.

Find out about free classes in Dundee at