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Link to the NEW Come to Broughty Ferry website
The Come to Broughty Ferry website has been given a makeover by Broughty Ferry Traders' Association who own and manage it. Its colourful new homepage and updated content is just in time for Gala Week Sunday 1 - Sunday 8 July 2012
Gala Week is one of the key community events in The Ferry that Broughty Ferry Traders supports.


Ferry Music Fest 29 June - Sunday 1 July 2012

Ferry Music Fest is a festival incorporating many of the pubs, bars and hotels in Broughty Ferry.

Come and see and hear what's going on this weekend Friday 29 June - Sunday 1 July 2012.                 More details
Friday 29th June 2012

The Fort
Dave 5pm
Steve & Nic 6.30pm
The Broon Troot Orchestra 10pm
The Gunners
Emerald Sunday 8 - 11pm

The Post Office Bar
Jack Rabbit Slims 8.15pm

The Royal Arch
Miss Nic Nevet 8pm

Doc Ferrys
to be confirmed

The Eagle
Karaoke til Late

Bar Leo 
Diva 8pm - 1am

Saturday 30th June 2012

The Occidental
Judge Hardie and The Crimes 5 - 8pm

The Fort
Bobby Clark 2pm
Jack Rabbit Slims 5pm 
Son 9pm 
Colour Coded 10pm 
House DJ 11.30pm - 2am

The Gunners 
Miss Nic Nevet 2 - 4pm

Doc Ferrys
Sleepers 5.30pm

Post Office Bar
Jamboliah 8.15pm 

The Eagle 
Double T 5 - 7pm 
Karaoke til Late

Bar Leo
Open Mic 4 - 8pm
Karaoke 8pm - 1am 

Fishermans Tavern
Jacobite Barbeque and  Live Celtic Folk Music from 1pm

Sunday 1st July 2012

The Gunners
Itchy Feet 3 - 6pm

Bar Leo
Diva 3 - 7pm

Fishermans Tavern
Live Jazz Music all afternoon.

More details


Broughty Ferry from Above 1927-33

Broughty Ferry, general view, showing Grove Academy
and St Stephen's Church. Oblique aerial photograph
taken facing north. Click on image to enlarge
Fifteen photographs of Broughty Ferry feature on a new website Britain from Above 1913-59These are part of The Aerofilms Collection. This is a unique archive of photographs taken from the air between 1919 and 2006. This collection presents a fascinating insight into the changing face of Britain in the last century. 

Most of the original photographs were taken by aircraft flying at low altitudes which we would now think was dangerous or irresponsible.
Britain from Above 1913-59 website - viewing the gallery and downloading of the digital images is free.

Earlier this week the first half of the Aerofilms Collection was made available online at the 

The fifteen pictures of Broughty Ferry were taken between 1927 and 1933.
Click on this link to view and download these images of Broughty Ferry.


SNP Councillors on City Council Reject Appeal for Additional Funds for Welfare Rights Advice in the City

At the meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on Monday evening 25 June, the Council agreed to endorse the For Fairness in Dundee Strategy and Action Plan. This focuses on combating multiple deprivation in the city. A key component of this is the provision of welfare rights advice and debt counselling. I was disappointed that in voting down my amendment, they turned down the opportunity to attract more money to help fund these advice services in the city. 
I think many people in Dundee will wonder what planet Councillor Guild and his colleagues live on. They will be puzzled why the possibility of £100,000 to boost the funding advice centres in the city was not worthy of the bother of writing a letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney MSP. 
The Westminster government have boosted the funding for advice centres over two years (2012/13 and 2013/14) to deal with the anticipated increased demand  for advice as welfare reform changes are introduced. As a result the Scottish Government have received additional funding as this is a responsibility devolved to the Scottish Government. 
I think it is entirely reasonable to ask what arrangements the Scottish Government is putting in place to distribute this cash and can Dundee have its share to help extend the work of its Fairness Strategy. At time when money for new developments is tight, surely every £100,000 helps?

Broughty Ferry Development Trust - Find Them on Facebook

Broughty Ferry Development Trust
involve people who live and work in Broughty Ferry in the development of our community to enhance its environmental, historical and commercial assets and promote it as a high quality place to live, work and visit.
As part of their promotion of and community engagement in their work The Trust have developed a Facebook presence.  
Link to Broughty Ferry Development Trust on Facebook


Tree Preservation Order in Strathern Road Approved

Click on plan to enlarge.
At the City Development Committee last night, a number of Tree Preservation Orders were noted. 

These included one at 42 Strathern Road in The Ferry which concerns 7 trees:

  • An Elm
  • Lime, 
  • Oak, 
  • Corsican Pine, 
  • Siver Birch and 
  • two Holm Oaks.


For Fairness in Dundee and Broughty Ferry

I welcome the draft For Fairness in Dundee Strategy and Action Plan on the Agenda of the Policy and Resources Committee on Monday 25 June 2012.  At a time when many household incomes are depressed by wage freezes or reductions, benefits are being cut back and household bills are rising, we need a strategy and action plan that will address poverty and deprivation throughout our city. While the statistics in the report show that inequalities are most concentrated in certain areas of the city, they also show that a smaller but significant minority of households in Broughty Ferry are affected by many of the indicators of poverty.

At the meeting, I will be asking whether the planned responses by the Council and agencies in the Dundee Partnership will really be fair if they exclude people living in parts of the city like Broughty Ferry. While The Ferry is generally more affluent, this is not universally true. This was illustrated by the statistics produced by the Dundee Citizens' Advice Bureau. Their annual report for 2011/12 shows that while the inquiry rate from people with Broughty Ferry addresses was lower than folk from other areas in the city, the problems that folk brought forward were the same across the city: benefit advice, debt and consumer issues.

I note in the report that we will be considering at the Policy and Resources Committee that advance consultation did not include the Broughty Ferry Local Community Planning Partnership. That and references to focusing responses on areas of multiple deprivation suggest that For Fairness in Dundee will be exactly that and will not extend to folk in Broughty Ferry. My job is to try to ensure that the benefits from the new strategy and action plan are widespread. Fairness needs to be seen to be fair not excluding people from participating in programmes and initiatives just because of their DD5 address.

Safer Routes to Every Primary School in Dundee

Cover of sample draft leaflet
Safer Routes to Primary School
On Thursday afternoon I attended a meeting of the Council's School Parking and Pupil Safety Working Group. One of the positive outcomes from this group is that every Primary School pupil in Dundee will receive a leaflet detailing Safer Routes to their School. These leaflets are being prepared by Dundee Travel Active and should be ready for distribution for the beginning of the new school year in August.

Inside the cover (see sample <<) will be a map to help inform parents and carers of safer routes for taking their child to school. The map will include features such as the position of pedestrian crossings, dropping off points and park and stride locations.

I trust that this will help promote pupil safety in each and everyone of our Primary Schools.


Broughty Ferry Art Society Annual Exhibition Thursday 28 June until Sunday 8 July at Scout Halls in Ambrose Street

The 33rd annual exhibition organised by  Broughty Ferry Art Society opens on Thursday 28 June running to Sunday 8 July. The annual exhibition is held to promote the work of Society members, and attracts many visitors. Each year members surpass themselves in producing, exhibiting and selling many quality paintings, which highlight their wealth of talent and creativity.
The annual exhibition will once again be held in the new Scout Halls in Ambrose Street. 
Opening hours will be 10am-6pm except the last Sunday when the doors will close at 4pm.
Anyone interested in joining the Society should contact the Membership Secretary Ron Clark tel 01382 667374 email


Replica Broughty Signal Box Nearing Completion

The external work on the replica Broughty Ferry Signal Box is almost complete this week. With the scaffolding down, it is easier to see and appreciate what has been achieved. In the picture you can perhaps make out the old Broughty Ferry station sign has been fixed to the side of the box parallel with the platforms. If you want to compare and contrast this view with a view of the previous signal box click on this link.


Forthill Road Mobile Phone Mast Refused Planning Permission Emphatically

I am delighted that the Development Management Committee emphatically turned down this planning application at our meeting on Monday night 18 June. It was clearly judged by our Planners and Councillors to be an unsuitable site for a mobile phone mast. I know many folk in Forthill will be relieved that the immediate prospect of a telecoms mast on their doorstep and street corner has receded. 

Prior to the meeting I had been contacted by a significant number of constituents who objected to this proposed planning application for a mobile phone mast near their homes. A petition also indicated widespread concern about the proposal. Under the Councillor's Code of Conduct, we are not allowed to publicly comment on the merits of an application for planning permission in advance of the Planning Committee; in short we must be seen to make up our mind on the night when all the evidence is before us. If Councillors go public on their concerns prior to a planning committee, this would disqualify them taking part in the vote at the Planning Committee. I hope my constituents appreciate that a non committal response before a meeting does not necessarily indicate I am indifferent to their concerns.


One World Centre Dundee Free Lecture and AGM Thursday 28 June 7pm

Professor David Bradley’s talk – see opposite - 
promises to be very interesting and stimulating.  It’s free.  

All welcome

Thursday 28 June 2012 at 7pm

Venue - Methodist Church, Marketgait, Dundee.

Also incorporating the AGM of the One World Centre Dundee

One World Centre Dundee 189 Princes Street Dundee DD4 6DQ
telephone 01382 454603 email


Customer Information Screens Go Live at Broughty Ferry Station

I am delighted to be advised the installation of Customer Information Screens at Broughty Ferry Station has been completed with the system going live earlier today.  I am sure passengers will really appreciate this. In an unstaffed station, up to the minute information about train services provides reassurance that your train is on its way.
The installation of the Customer Information Screens has been jointly funded by Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership and ScotRail. This supports the Broughty Ferry rail service enhancements introduced with the December 2011 rail timetable
I hope when the enhanced rail service is reviewed, later this year, more stopping services will be added to our timetable so that we have a regular hourly service from Broughty Ferry to Aberdeen and Glasgow with connections in Dundee to Edinburgh.

Broughty Ferry Gala Week Sunday 1st - Sunday 8th July 2012

The programme for Broughty Gala Week 2012 has just been published by the Community Gala Committee. This year Broughty Ferry Gala Week will run from Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th July. The programme includes many old favourites such as:
  • Children's Shop Window Guessing Competition (throughout Gala week);
  •  Gala Fete on Castle Green on Sunday 1st July 1pm - 5pm;
  • Pavement Artist Competition outside M&S on Wednesday 4th July 10am - 12noon and
  • Secret Gardens of Broughty Ferry (visits to) on Sunday 8th July 1pm - 4pm.
For more information about each of the events - more than 50 from my count - consult the free Gala programme. Printed booklets are available to pick up from shops in the Ferry as well as the counter of the Library in Queen Street. 


Cautious Welcome for Proposals for New Schools and Community Facilities

Model of one of the 6 PPP funded Primary
Schools already built in the city
Three of the reports appearing on the agenda of the Education Committee on Monday 25 June are about proposals for future school building projects. This includes initiating formal consultations on a new primary school, nursery and linked community facilities in both the Coldside and Menzieshill areas. As both areas involve potential school mergers, a formal consultation process is the next step. Appearing on the same agenda is a report advising the Committee of a bid for possible government funding towards a replacement Baldragon Academy, Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery on the Baldragon Academy site.

Labour's Education Spokesperson, Councillor Laurie Bidwell said:
Its positive news for parents, carers, pupils and teachers in Menzieshill and Coldside. They will all be pleased that the proposals for a new primary school in each of these areas with linked nursery school and possible community facilities is moving towards the formal public consultation stage. In both Menzieshill and Coldside parents, carers and teachers will need to be consulted on the potential merger of their local primary schools and the best site for the merged schools. For service users of all ages who use community centres and projects in both areas there are issues about possible co-location of community facilities with schools to resolve. Certainly, the demolition of multi-storey flats has made available centrally located sites in both these areas of the city for the potential new schools and community facilities. The consultations will allow all those with an interest to be involved in selecting the best option available including the most suitable site and the best mix of schools, nursery and community facilities.

Starthmartine Councillor Kevin Keenan said:I am encouraged to learn that there is now recognition that three of the schools in the Strathmartine ward need replacement - these schools being Baldragon Academy, Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery. New schools are something that I believe would have the full support and backing of teachers, pupils, staff, parents and the wider community. I hope the Council will be successful with its bid to the Scottish Futures Trust. If the Council's need any additional indicator of community support for these new schools,  I would be the first to put my name to any petition.

Labour's Education Spokesperson, Councillor Laurie Bidwell also said:
While the proposals for a bid for additional funding for new schools is positive, I do have some concerns. 
Just four months ago in February 2012 when the new 2012-17 capital plan was brought forward, Councillor Keenan and I queried why there were no new proposals for comprehensively refurbishing or replacing any of our secondary schools, especially Baldragon Academy whose buildings are over 50 years old. It's good that the Council has changed its mind but this decision calls into question the thoroughness of their analysis in the school estate review. 
A bid for funding is no guarantee of government support. Dundee lost out in the second round of new schools to be built with funding from the Scottish Futures Trust so let's hope it will be third time lucky. Unfortunately, any replacement schools in the Strathmartine ward are probably a long way off. Funding for Harris Academy comes from the same source and its funding was announced in September 2009 and their pupils and teachers are not due to move into their new school until 2016.

Starthmartine Councillor Kevin Keenan also said:
The Council's contribution to funding the possible new schools in the Strathmartine area is likely to be £10 - £15M. There is no provision for this in the new capital plan 2012-17. I hope that the Council will not be faced with deciding which of its other new schools to delay in order to progress these new schools in my ward.
I hope that all the Scottish Futures Trust's teething problems and red tape that delayed the rebuilding of Harris Academy are sorted out, allowing the next phase of their developments to hit the ground quickly, delivering new schools for our children and helping the local construction industry.


Port of Dundee Proposed Development - Exhibition Tues 26 June 11am - 8pm Craigiebank Parish Church DD4 7QU

On Tuesday 26 June at Criagiebank Parish Church, planners working on behalf of developers Scottish Enterprise will be on hand to receive feedback from residents about proposals for a development in the Dundee docks. Scottish Enterprise is proposing to submit a planning application for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) for a mixed manufacturing assembly plant in the docks. This assembly plant with associated support offices, buildings, and facilities is intended to support the offshore renewables industry supply chain. 

This event is part of a pre-application stage that takes place before large scale planning applications. Public feedback at this event should help to inform the future planning application by the developers for their proposed development. 

This is a drop-in event which will be open between the hours of 11am and 8pm.


Carers and Relatives of Service Users Hear from Social Work Managers about Bleak Future for Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre but Councillors Excluded from Meeting

The Evening Telegraph highlighted the anxieties of Jane Smith regarding her sister’s care needs with the planned closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre (Evening Telegraph 28/05/2012). 
Councillor Lesley Brennan met with Jane, who lives in her ward, and wrote to the Director of Social Work on her behalf. Jane contacted Councillor Brennan on Saturday 9 June about a meeting being held on Tuesday 12 June and asked if she could attend with her.
Councillor Laurie Bidwell was contacted separately by a constituent whose daughter has been a service user at Kemback Adult Resource Centre for 26 years, currently attending on four days a week. He was also invited to attend the meeting.
On Tuesday evening 12 June nearly thirty carers and relatives of service users met a number of social work staff about the planned withdrawal of services at the Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre. The meeting was held at the Central Baptist Church in Ward Road. Although the meeting was called by one of the Carers/Relatives, a Social Work Manager refused to speak with the carers and relatives of service users if the two Councillors remained present.

Ferry Councillor Laurie Bidwell said:
I was surprised and disappointed that a senior social work manger should insist that she would not talk with the carers and relatives of service users if Councillor Lesley Brenan and I remained at the meeting. We had made it clear that we were only there as observers at the invitation of specific constituents. 
When our presence was publicly raised with us by the Manager, many of the people present indicated they wanted us to remain to listen to what was being said. Lesley Brennan and I eventually volunteered to leave so that the meeting could continue without us, because we knew how long these folk have been waiting to be properly informed about the closure. 
Clearly the threat of withdrawing the Kemback services is already generating distress amongst existing service users. I have discovered already that many of the current service users at Kemback Street have long term associations with the centre stretching back as far as the opening in the1980s and some of them attend nearly every weekday. It is therefore understandable that there should be scepticism about this change being in the best interests of the current service users. The fashion for social work services may have changed but to withdraw from existing service users the services that they benefit from, enjoy and have come to rely does not seen to be primarily centred on their needs or preferences.
Lesley Brennan, Councillor for the East End ward said:
The Social Work Committee gave their agreement to the Kemback Street Adult Resource reprovisioning proposals on the 26th of March 2012. Seventy-eight days passed before Mrs Smith and the other carers heard anything regarding what is going to happen to their family members who attend to Centre. I hope this evening’s meeting brought clarity to the next steps.
I am deeply disappointed that the Social Department has fallen short of one of the Council’s core values:
Dundee City Council Elected Members and employees will at all times inform, consult and involve users of council services about what the Council is doing ....


National Bike Week 16-24 June 2012 - Events in Dundee

Saturday 16 June is the start of national Bike Week. Samsung Bike Week is an annual opportunity to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. 

Demonstrating the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling, the week aims to get people to give cycling a go all over the UK, whether this be for fun, as a means of getting around to the local shops, school, the library or just to visit friends.

As the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, Samsung Bike Week 16-24 June 2012 encourages over half a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.


Dundee Welcomes the Olympic Torch Tonight - Tuesday 12 May 2012

At 18:14 tonight the Olympic Torch will begin its journey through the streets of Dundee from Commercial Street to Baxter Park via City Square. 
Leaving from Commercial Street at 18:14, it will call in at City Square around 4 minutes later. The relay and torchbearers will then move along Murraygate and Cowgate, up Princes Street onto Arbroath Road, then onto Baxter Park for 18:47. 

There will be nine nine torch bearers tonight ranging in age from 95 to 12 years old. Click on this link for further details of each of the torch bearers.

Amongst the three young people from our city who will be carrying the torch tonight, the nomination story of Kian Steel, one of our pupils from Kingspark School captured my attention:
Kian Steel Aged 12 Nomination story
"Kian has moved areas and schools a number of times in previous years but since coming to Kingspark he has settled in well and has shown good skills in a variety of sports. He is good working with the other pupils in his class with less ability than him. It is hoped in the future he will be an asset to the school in swimming and athletics events."
The other two young torch bearers from our city are
Michael Robb aged 18 from Baldragon Academy and
Shanon Davis aged 15 an Olympic figure skater.

I think they will all be assets to our city and their schools when they take their turn to carry the Olympic Torch proudly through our city streets. I hope they enjoy their 'moment to shine'.

Council Meetings Monday 11 June 2012 - My Contributions

Last night we had a series of Council Committee meetings. There were fairly full agendas following the lengthy gap in meetings because of the elections. 

These are the questions and contributions I made.  

Environment Committee
Item 4 Dawson Park Environmental Improvements
"Convener, I welcome the important improvements to Dawson Park detailed in this report. By erecting a fence to curb indiscriminate parking and vehicle turning at the Dunottar Place entrance, the grass will be protected. The extension of the existing network of paths to connect to the play area should help adults and children by improving the underfoot conditions.
It is also positive to see the recycling of building materials. I think this is the second example of fencing being recycled and reused in Dawson Park."

Policy and Resources Committee
Item 8 Supply of IT Equipment
"Convener this is an interesting report in that it details the spend on a range of IT equipment clarifying the types of equipment in which we have invested. It is remarkable in three ways: 

  • £696,000, has been spent over a fifteen week period on computers, net books, whiteboards and the majority of the expenditure has been in our schools;
  • I am reassured that a national portal for procurement has been used. 
  • What however is remarkable in a negative way is the absence of any data on output and outcome measures. How many computers have been purchased for example? What are the anticipated outcomes of their deployment and installation in our schools and other services?
I think that we need and deserve a more detailed report in future when we are investing such a considerable amount of money year on year."

Policy and Resources Committee 
Item 11 Dundee Strategy for the Safe Use of Electronic Communications
"Convener, I welcome this report and the care it demonstrates in promoting the safe use of electronic communications, especially though not exclusively with children in our schools. 
There are many potential dangers which have arisen with the new media which the report refers to. For example, providing new opportunities to bully, swindle, embarrass, steal identities and groom victims. I do think it is right that that we should warn parents, carers, children and young people and vulnerable adults and the staff that work with them about the potential dangers. I do however think we need more emphasis in our schools and and homes on developing discriminating users of electronic media. I think this is potentially embraced in the four capacities at the heart of the Curriculum for Excellence - our aspiration that all our young people should become:

  • successful learners,
  • confident individuals,
  • responsible individuals and
  • responsible individuals."


Letter to the Lord Provost of Dundee City, Councillor Bob Duncan

Dear Bob,

I am writing to wish you well in your role as Lord Provost when you Chair the City Council meeting for the first time on Monday night. I think you have made an enthusiastic and dignified start to fulfilling the duties of Civic representative of our City. I hope however that you have been able to persuade your SNP colleagues that they should show their respect for the office of Lord Provost and stand when you are announced entering the City Chambers to take the Chair on Monday night and later when you vacate the Chair. This is an old and respected tradition of our City Council. Now that your party has elected you as their own Lord Provost, I hope we have seen an end to the petty disrespect of SNP Councillors remaining seated when the Lord Provost is announced or leaves the City Chambers.

Over the last five years you and your then SNP Councillor colleagues did not stand when the former Lord Provost, John Letford, was announced. Furthermore, when your party took over running the Council in April 2009, the Senior Council Staff present in the Chambers followed your lead. 

It has been speculated that your party's stance on this issue of protocol was because the mace in the Chambers signified a link with the Royal Family. Of course as part of your duties you are also, ex officio, a Lord Lieutenant representing Her Majesty the Queen in the City. Furthermore, your Leader, Alex Salmond, has recently made it clear that a separated Scotland would retain Queen Elizabeth in her role as monarch and has publicly given recognition to her 60 years of service in the UK. 

On Monday night you can certainly count on Labour Councillors to respect you in your office as Lord Provost and stand when you are announced and when you leave the Chair. I hope that your colleagues will do likewise and we will put all this behind us and then focus on the important business before us.


Councillor Laurie Bidwell


Morgan Academy Participation in Tablet Computer Piloting

On Friday 8 June, with my colleague Councillor Georgia Cruickshank, I visited Morgan Academy. We met the Head Teacher, Stephen Shaw and Senior Computer Science Teacher James Harris for a briefing on the school's participation in the national pilot programme using tablet computers and wi-fi access.
I think this development has the potential to create more opportunities for pupils to engage with information and communications technologies and gain expertise in using these responsibly and creatively. This latter point is important in a city where we are have nationally recognised courses in time based art and digital animation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Computer Games Technology at Abertay University which underpin the celebrated cluster of computer gaming and animation companies in Dundee.

We were reassured that the school, in conjunction with the Council's IT service, is making sure that the new network will be secure and safe for pupils before the system goes 'live'. 
I hope it won't be long before we are extending the pilot to all our secondary schools in the city, including Grove Academy in my own ward.


Olympic Torch Relay - Events in Dundee on Tuesday 12 June 2012

Reports from the City Council confirm that final arrangements are being put into place for the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay in Dundee on the evening of Tuesday June 12. The relay will begin its journey to an evening celebration at Baxter Park from Commercial Street at 18:14, calling in at City Square around 4 minutes later.
A council-organised programme of entertainment at City Square, including gymnasts, Active Schools, drummers and Fintry Pipe Band will begin at 4pm.
The relay and torchbearers will then move along Murraygate and Cowgate, up Princes Street onto Arbroath Road, then onto Baxter Park for 18:47.
The full route of the Olympic Torch Relay in Dundee is marked on the map above.
The Baxter Park celebration will be open to the public from 4pm, with activities beginning at 5pm. Highlights include a DJ set presented by street dancers Twist & Pulse and a performance from top Scots pop star Emeli Sande.There will be a number of dancing and athletic events taking place in the park, with representations from sponsors.
At 18:50, a cauldron will be lit from the Olympic Flame.Events at the park will come to a close at around 19:15.
No tickets are required for either the City Square or Baxter Park events, but people are being advised to come along as early as they can.
Councillor Laurie Bidwell said:
I am sure that many residents in The Ferry will be looking forward to welcoming the Olympic Torch to the city and the associated celebratory events in City Square and Baxter Park. Even at this distance from the main Olympic venues in London, it is great that we can share in the build up to our first Olympics in the UK since 1948.
Read/download the Olympic Torch Relay Map for Dundee


Welcome for the Launch of the New Community Plan for The Ferry ward

Last week, the summary of new Community Plan for The Ferry 2012-17 was launched. The areas included in the plan are Central Broughty Ferry, West Ferry, Barnhill, Forthill, Clearwater Park, Ferry Fields, Balmossie and Panmurefield.
This plan reflects many weeks of community research to discern local priorities of our residents throughout Broughty Ferry. 
Most of the issues that the plan identifies will not be a surprise but each one is worth pursuing to make small but significant improvements to living in The Ferry.
The commitment of all the community, voluntary and public services to work together to deliver the plan and improve local services, is what will make a difference. Together, I am sure we can make Broughty better.
Read/download the summary of the The Ferry Community Plan 2012-17