Big Bus Changes Ahead for Broughty Ferry from Next Sunday

Next Sunday, 30 June 2013, will see wide ranging changes to National Express Dundee bus services in the City.

The most significant change for The Ferry is the reintroduction of the Outer Circle service after an absence of around three years.  At the same time Service 26 will be withdrawn. 

In addition there will apparently be a co-ordinated timetable for the 5 service with the new Outer Circular service. I hope this is achievable but in practice it will probably be a real challenge to synchronize two of the cross city bus routes.

Here are the key points from the leaflet produced by National Express about the Service 5 and the new Outer Circle:

Service 5
  • 10 minute frequency Monday—Saturday 
  • Serving Science Sensation Centre (Monday—Saturday) 
  • An increase in the early morning journeys to Technology Park 
  • Sunday service extended to Ninewells Hospital/Technology Park to operate every 20 minutes from Balgillo. 
  • A co-ordinated timetable with the new Outer Circular. 
  • Following customer feedback minibuses have been removed in favour of the brand new Hybrids. 
Service 9,10,11,12 
  • Re-introduction of the Outer Circle Service after an absence of 4 years
  • Will re-serve the centre of Charleston via Craigowan Road
  • Service 9/10 will serve the Stack Leisure Park and operate in the evenings and all day Sunday to the Camperdown Leisure Park.
  • Evening journeys will also serve Harefield Road (Tofthill)
  • Earlier Sat/Sun am journeys introduced on Service 9/10 to serve Ninewells Hospital and Tesco Call Centre (Baird Avenue)
  • Service 11/12 will serve the Kingsway Retail Park, and lower Douglas (part of Douglas Drive)
  • Journeys to operate to midnight with support from Dundee City Council
I hope these changes are as beneficial as National Express Dundee are claiming and bus users find they are really advantageous.

Read/download the new Dundee Bus Network Map effective 30 June 2013