Broughty Ferry is a Vibrant and Skilled Community Which is Capably Supported by Community Learning; That's Official

Recently, Education Scotland published their report, 'Inspection of the learning community surrounding Grove Academy'. This was based on inspection by inspectors which ran in parallel with the inspection of Grove Academy whose report was published earlier.

Community Learning Inspectors reported that, 
'Broughty Ferry is a very vibrant community with skilled and influential local people and community organisations playing an important role in shaping, designing and delivering services.'

But the inspectors also also recognised the positive role of Council and other services that work effectively in partnership with the community. Although not named in the report, our capable Communities Officer, Carole Jenkins, is closely involved in making the links between community organisations and council services and supporting the Local Community Planning Partnership (LCPP). So it's official, we are a vibrant and skilled community which is capably supported by community learning and development staff.

Summarising their report, inspectors identified:

'the following key strengths in Community Learning in The Ferry:

  • early intervention and prevention programmes to address and meet the needs of local people;
  • strong focus on securing and promoting health and well being including very effective peer learning programmes;
  • a local community planning structure (LCPP) which is supporting and responding to local needs and aspirations;
  • skilled and influential community members and organisations strengthening and empowering the community;
  • partnership working which is supporting integration of services and improving outcomes for local people; and
  • a strong learning culture and commitment to improving services.'
The HMI also:
'discussed with partners how they might continue to improve their work. This is what HMI agreed with them:
  • improve the coordination and capturing of achievement across learning providers;
  • build on opportunities for young people to influence local and wider decision making; and
  • continue to improve data collection across providers particularly in relation to impact on the local community.'
Read/download the HMIE Report:
Learning Community Surrounding Grove Academy