Eastern Primary School Parent Council Meeting Tuesday 24 April Beginning at 19:15

On Tuesday evening after my surgery at the Broughty Ferry Library, I attended the meeting of the the Eastern Primary School Parent Council. The new Head Teacher, Gillian Knox, attended her first parent council meeting after taking up her new role at the start of the Summer Term. She acknowledged the warm welcome she had received from pupils, parents and carers  and staff and looked forward to working closely with the Parent Council.
In the course of the meeting a number of issues were raised about child safety at the point children are dropped off at and picked up from school.  I was able to brief the parents about the work of the School Parking and Pupil Safety Working Group.
There was also surprise that the use of the Games Hall as a polling station on Thursday 3 May would preclude the school from staying open open on that day. We were told that this was because the games hall could not be sealed off from the reminder of the school. This surprised me because I had assumed that the Games Hall could be locked off so that it could be used as a sports hub out of school hours while securely keeping these users out of the school and council offices. To be investigated!