Discover Learning in the Community - But Not in Broughty Ferry

The latest newsletter from the Council's Adult Learning Team is called discover learning in the community but unfortunately there's not any Adult Learning in this newsletter to be discovered in Broughty Ferry. While every other electoral area in Dundee gets a mention and a sprinkling of classes, the Ferry has been left out.
This seems unfair on adults in Broughty Ferry who may also be interested in classes in local history, psychology, computing for beginners, a Jobshop and help your 
children learn which all run in other areas of Dundee.
While I appreciate that the same department does provide some financial support for the evening class programme run by Broughty Ferry Education and Recreation Association (BERA), the Discover Learning programme from the council is mainly daytime classes and it's here that there are some gaps in The Ferry.
I have written to the head of Community Learning in the City Council to ask whether this can be addressed for the next programme starting in the Autumn. Additionally, I think classes that are organised in The Ferry should be publicised in the Council's quarterly newsletter.