Entente Cordiale - Developing Election Twinning Links With Orléans

Next Sunday is the day when voters in France go to the polls in the first round of their Presidential Elections. The Scottish Labour Party in Dundee has taken the opportunity to link its website with site of the French Socialist Party in Orléans, to give interested Dundonians the opportunity to follow online the election on the ground in Dundee’s twin city in France.
The link on the Dundee Labour site is at :
The French Socialists have reciprocated with a link to the Dundee Labour site . This appears on the Orléans site as Liens (Links) Labour de Dundee

Since the link went live , there have been some 200 visitors to our linked Dundee page.
Twinning encourages a better understanding of the what we share in common with citizens abroad for the benefit of us all.
This Dundee- Orléans political twinning for the French election and Council Elections provides an opportunity to see how the issues and values that dominate politics here are also being contested in France.
I wonder how the turnout in our elections will compare? In the last Presidential election in France in 2007, the turn-out in the first round of voting was 84 per cent. This compares with 50 per cent in the 2011 elections to the Scottish Parliament.