Information Sessions about Controversial Changes to Recycling Collections

Recycling Information Sessions March 2017
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Many constituents have contacted me over the last week to complain about the new recycling arrangements to be introduced in The Ferry. 

The issue which has been most often raised with me is the removal of the collection service for glass in the Green Boxes. In future residents will be encouraged to take their glass bottles and jars to "Bring Sites" after the Green Box glass collections are withdrawn.

Hard pressed householders coping with substantial increases in Council Tax are unhappy that the existing service is being cut back. I don't blame them and share their reservations.

I am particularly unhappy that frail elderly residents will be expected to carry their glass recycling to a "Bring Site". Sheltered Housing residents in Forthill Drive raised this with me a potential hazard for older residents, especially if they were to fall over with glass in a shopping bag.

On Tuesday and Friday evening this week there are "Information Sessions" at Forthill and Craigiebarns Primary Schools. I hope residents will take the opportunity to try to get these issues resolved street by street.