All the Residents of Broughty Ferry Should be Able to Access the Doctors in The Ferry

At its meeting last week, Broughty Ferry Community Council agreed to send a written objection to NHS Tayside about the proposed changes to the GP Practice boundary of Broughty Ferry Family Healthcare GP Practice in Brown Street. 

This busy GP practice has has applied to NHS Tayside to redraw their practice boundary and cut a significant number of streets in The Ferry from the area they cover. 
If the proposed new boundary were adopted, new residents in Clearwater Park, Ferryfields, Balmossie Brae, Panmurefield and Wyvis would not be able to register with the Doctors in Brown Street. As these areas already fall outside the approved boundary for the Grove Health Centre GP Practice, new residents of the 700-800 households living in these neighbourhoods would not be able to access any of the GP services in Broughty Ferry but would have to go further afield. 

Having heard from Angela Lyall about the reservations and concerns of residents and more than 200 petitioners against the changes, the Community Councillors agreed that the proposal from NHS Tayside was not acceptable. 

Recognising that the responsibility for Health is devolved to the Scottish Government, the Community Council also agreed to write to MSPs including the Cabinet Secretary for Health, local MSP Shona Robison.

While I am sure residents in Broughty Ferry, epsecially in the areas affected by this consultation will be pleased to hear how their views from the petition have been represented to the Community Council, they will await the response from NHS Tayside with some trepidation. 

There must be a better way of responding to pressure on our GP practices than just sending residents elsewhere to surgeries in other parts of Dundee. If it lack of space or lack of staff, surely its preferable that this is tackled now.

All the residents of Broughty Ferry should be able to access the Doctors in The Ferry.