Complaints about Delays in Installation of Street Lighting

Replacement Street Lighting installation incomplete
In my blog posting on the 21 of January, I welcomed the start of the work to upgrade the street lighting in Home Street in The Ferry.

Three or four weeks ago, the pavements were dug up to connect the electricity supply to each of the new lamp posts. Loose yellow and orange covers were laid over the holes not yet filled in and resurfaced.

A number of residents have contacted me to complain about the time it's taking to fill in the holes in the pavements and complete the installation. One resident in particular has complained of the late night disturbance caused by the clattering of the yellow and orange covers when pedestrians walk over these.

On behalf of the residents, I have written to the Street Lighting Partnership to urge the early completion of the job. I have also asked for an explanation as to why the installation has taken so long.