Rusted Sign Post on Grassy Beach Needs Replacement

Costal pathway at Grassy Beach, BroughtyFerry
Out dog walking last week, I spotted this sign post on Grassy Beach beside the coastal pathway. 

The post carries a road safety notice warning cyclists and pedestrians that they are sharing the same route and urging 'Cyclists Show Respect (for) Other Users'. It also carries a dog poo bin. 

As you can see from the two pictures, the post, for these signs and the bin, is badly corroded and needs replacement.

As the post carries items for the Transportation and the Environment Departments, this may need some collaborative interdepartmental working to get it replaced.

Corroded sign post at Grassy Beach in Broughty Ferry
I have written to both departments and the Roads Maintenance Partnership and asked them to arrange for a replacement. In the meanwhile, I recommend you don't walk too close to this pole.