Commenting on SQA Exam Results Tues 6 August 2013

SQA Your Results
This morning there will have been mixed emotions among the many hundreds of pupils and students in our city who will have been receiving their SQA exam results. Whether reading their results in a text, email or in the contents of their SQA envelope received through the post, this will truly be a moment to remember.

For many candidates there will be tears of joy and sighs of relief that hard work has been rewarded with passes and grades that will open doors to continuing studies at School or new opportunities and challenges at College, University and in the world of work. For some there will inevitably be disappointment with the results achieved and the necessity for a rethink.

I warmly congratulate pupils and students on all their successes in their various SQA examinations and assessments. Like Andy Murray's  success at Wimbledon this summer, this will not be a flash in the pan but based on hard work over a sustained period of time. And of course I should not forget to credit  the support of the equivalent of the coaches and supporters. In this case, the inspiration and encouragement of the teachers and parents and carers as well as the wider network of friends and family will also have been part of the story behind these successes.

For those that are disappointed with their results, I would encourage taking to heart the proverb that my late Father used to repeat on those occasions when I hadn't excelled: 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.' 

For those who have missed their grades to meet a provisional offer for a place at University, this will be anxious time to see whether their grades are still acceptable or whether an alternative place or course might be available through clearing. UCAS Clearing 2013 opens today
for applicants in Scotland.

Later this week or next, analyses will be available from the Director of Education about how the results of our school pupils add up across the city and how these city wide results compare with previous years and with other areas in Scotland. I shall particularly want to find out about the Higher Maths results as there were worrying claims earlier this year that the standard had been reduced. But for today, the focus should be on celebrating the positive results of our pupils who deserve their day enjoying their successes; their equivalent of a victory in a Wimbledon final. 

Well done!