No 5 Bus Service Unreliability

I have received this detailed and worrying complaint about the No 5 bus service from a constituent. 

The constituent reported:

"Just before Easter passengers boarded a number 5 bus outside Debenhams.  It drove on only one stop and passengers were asked to get out and get on the next bus.  That immediately went out of service as well on arrival at the High Street main stop (ie after progressing 1 stop only), and the third bus uplifted passengers but it was very overcrowded.  The first bus was a double decker, the second a very small single decker, and the third a standard single-decker.  The latter 2 were too small for the number of passengers, especially at a peak time. 

My complaint is about the general deterioration of the 5 commuter service over several months.  The above is a typical example. The service is now unreliable; does not conform to timetable; services are regularly cancelled at peak times; the buses which do turn up are often far too small for the number of passengers and regularly passengers are left standing at intermediate stop s.  The service is very poor.  I am also emailing this text to my elected representatives because I complained a few months ago but the service has got worse since then."

I have asked National Express Dundee for an explanation for my constituent and regular users of the No 5 service.