Council's Dog Poop Bags in Short Supply in Broughty Ferry

A  number of constituents have approached me to complain about the short supply of the Council's Dog Poop bags. Earlier this month these constituents tried the Library and their vets and they were both out of stock. When they returned a few days later to the Library on Queen Street, they were limited to one bundle of poop bags even though they own more than one dog.

I have written to the Director of Environmental Services, Ken Laing, and the Convener of the Environment Committee, Councillor Craig Melville, to enquire why Broughty Ferry residents are losing out and for reassurance that these shortages will be sorted out without further delay. I have also asked for reassurance that  they will not contemplate phasing out supplying these bags in their next round of budget cuts.  When this latter issue was raised with Ken Laing, about a years ago, he was quoted as saying:
'As a department we are looking at all opportunities for future savings and I am aware that this possible option (of phasing out the provision of free dog poop bags) has been discussed internally. I can confirm that we have no plans to remove this provision at present.'

I think that the supply of these bags, along with the provision of more than 1300 dog waste bins throughout the city, contributes to much cleaner streets. It would be a step in the wrong direction to remove the supply of the bags, which clearly many Ferry dog owners have come to rely on.