Slippery Hazard on Coastal Walkway/Cyclepath Between Stannergate and the Grassybeach

Water running over the coastal footpath/cyclepath running between the Stannergate and Douglas Terrace has created what I think is a hazard, especially for walkers. 

Over the weekend, I could see that there was a short but very slippery stretch of green slime stretching across the path just beneath Ravenscraig Gardens. Water is usually oozing out of a cleft in the wall beneath the railway line at this  point. The unusually high levels of rainfall in June and July have presumably led to a greater volume of water running over the path. This in turn has created the conditions for a more extensive area of green fungal slime. This has created very slippery under foot conditions which for an unsuspecting person might lead to a serious slip or fall.

On Sunday, I wrote to the Environment Department to notify them about what I think is a potential hazard and ask that they clean off the surface of the path at the point I have indicated as well as unblock the drains on the seaward side of the path so that running water drains away more efficiently.