Anton Drive Retaining Wall Fenced Off As a Precautionary Measure

On Monday 11 July, I was emailed by the City Engineer, as one of The Ferry Councillors. I was informed that a safety inspection of the retaining wall which runs down one side of Anton Drive had been carried out that morning by one of the Council's Senior Engineers. Due to the poor condition of the wall and the continuing heavy rain, as a safety measure it had been necessary to erect safety fencing along the length of this wall. Furthermore, I was informed that the Council are currently designing and pricing alternative options for the wall strengthening/replacement and will consult with residents and Ferry Councillors on potential solutions 

While I welcome this precautionary measure, I share the concerns of tenants and residents about the potential threat from what is pushing over the retaining wall. In recent weeks there have been many reported land slips in Scotland on railway embankments and other places with steeply rising land which have become saturated with rain. While the protective fencing errected may prevent passers from getting near to the retaining wall, I think residents and tenants in Anton Drive will want to be reassured that there is no potential danger of a land slip and trees toppling over damaging homes and putting lives at risk.
As the retaining wall is built on council land and is the responsibility of the Housing Department, I shall be looking to the Council to get on with the replacement in weeks rather than months.

(Photograph DC Thomson)
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