Concerns About Planned Closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre

A number of constituents have contacted me expressing concerns about the planned closure of the Kemback Adult Resource Centre in Dundee. Their relatives are regular service users of the Centre and they value what it offers to their loved ones. Some of the current service users have been going to the centre on several days a week for more than twenty years. Understandably, the relatives and carers of the service users are very concerned that the replacement of the Kemback Street Centre and it's services with individualised care packages will be an inferior and cut price experience. They also express disappointment about the way the closure decision was taken and how the consultation which preceded the decision was not very inclusive of service users and their carers/relatives.
Sign the petition to stop the closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre

Link to the petition
It's text reads:
To Dundee City Council
We the undersigned want you to stop the closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre. Some of the most vulnerable people in our society will be massively affected by this closure. We understand that the council has to save money but to do so at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society is, at the least, reprehensible. Please stop this closure.