Westbay Court Residents Await Promised Improvements to Road Markings in Albert Road

Westbay Coiurt residents with Councillor Laurie Bidwell standing outside the entrance driveway that is regularly obstructed
Photo courtesy of Evening Telegraph 2016
Last Thursday I met two of the residents from Westbay Court to tell them about the improvements to road markings that the Council had offered to provide outside their block of apartments on Albert Road. This follows many months of campaigning about their entrance drive being obstructed by inconsiderately parked cars on the road outside.

Their concern has not just about their own convenience of being able to gain access to their driveway to their off street parking but also the safety of pedestrians walking along their street. They are especially concerned about the safety of young pupils from Eastern Primary School whose parents and carers use Albert Road as a street to park before walking their children into school. When cars and vans obstruct their driveway, the sight lines of Westbay Court residents are restricted when they are driving in and out. They need to see clearly that there are not approaching pedestrians as they approach crossing the pavement.

While what they have been offered is not all they had originally requested, they they have indicated they were willing to give this a try and hope that it works.

In the light of this meeting, I wrote to the Council to indicate that I was deferring my item from the agenda of the meeting of the City Development Committee last night and that the residents need not come forward for their deputation to the Committee. However, the residents have assured me that if there is any back sliding by the Council, they will not hesitate to resume their campaign with me.