Shock News That Dundee City Council Operates Paupers Funerals

Scottish Councils in Sared Graves Shame: Final Insult for the Poorest
This morning my attention was drawn to an article published yesterday in the Sunday Express entitled "Scottish Councils in Shared Graves Shame - Final Insult for the Poorest". 

I was disappointed, but not surprised, to learn, that the problem of what is described as Funeral Poverty was widespread in Scotland. However, I was surprised and very disappointed that it was reported that our Council, operates a policy of burying in unmarked common graves those that need a 'Public Health Funeral'. 

If this is our practice, it is truly Dickensian. As former Vice Chairperson of the Dundee Fairness Commission, this is the kind of unfairness that our citizens, who gave evidence to the Commission, would expect us to review. In fact, in my nine and a half years as a City Councillor, I don't recall a review or debate about this. I shall be pressing for an opportunity for this to happen.