Request for Additional Rubbish Bin to Close the Gap

Rubbish bins on coastal pathway in Broughty Ferry
Readers of my blog know that I often enjoy a walk along the coastal pathway between Douglas Terrace and the Stannergate.

Earlier this week, some other regular dog walkers asked me to try to get another rubbish bin installed. I think they have some sound reasoning to support their proposal. 

Between the rubbish bin at the Stannergate end of the path (top picture) and the two bins beside the sailing clubs (bottom two pictures), you pass three dog poo bins but no general rubbish bins which is a gap of at least half a mile. While they don't think the lack of a bin excuses littering, they do think some folk might be more inclined to bin their rubbish if one were nearer to hand. 

More specifically, they recommend that an additional bin is installed close to the Sea Eagles sculptures and the group of wooden benches beside the interpretation board close to the flight of contrete steps that run down to the river. 

I have passed on this request to the very helpful staff at the Environment Department.

Please contact me if there is a 'missing bin' in the vicinity of your home or on your favourite walk.