Commenting on Tree Felling at Criagowan, Corner of Camphill Road and Whinny Brae Broughty Ferry

Craigowan, Camphill Road, Broughty Ferry.
On Monday morning I was contacted by a constituent who lives in Rowanbank Gardens. He was very concerned about whether the felling of trees in the garden ground of Craigowan adjacent to his home and wanted to know whether this was incordance with the planning permission for the site. 

Following this phone call, I contacted the Council's Duty Planning Officer and urged an immediate site visit. The Council Officer who deals with Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation Areas visited the site on Monday afternoon and spoke directly with the contractors. 

On the basis of his brefings to me, there are three trees to be retained at Craigowan: 1 lime, 1 beech and 1 holly tree. As part of the planning conditions, twelve trees will be planted on the bank close to the boundary with the properties in Rowanbank Gardens. It was therefore clarified that the trees that were being cut down on Monday were neither protected by tree preservation orders nor planning conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, I have asked Council Officer to provide the consitituent concerned and me with a plan that clearly indicates the location of the three trees that are to be retained.

While this was not the outcome that my constituent wanted, at least his intervention has helped to clarify the number of trees protected by planning decisions on this development. 

I hope that the envirnomnental works in the gardens will be swiftly followed up with work on this iconic property. I know many residents in the area have been concerned that it has lain empty and neglected for many years.