Talk to Grove Academy S4 Modern Studies Classes

Grove Academy, Brpoughty Ferry, Dundee, Modern Studies
Yesterday I gave a talk about the role of a City Councillor to a class of S4 pupils at Grove Academy who are studying for their SQA qualification in Modern Studies. 

I am repeating this presentation to a parallel class later today, Thursday 8 September 2016.

After my presentation, the pupils asked me a number of probing questions including:
  • Why I had not claimed any expenses in 2015/16
  • Why the 33 period week was approved because they did not appreciate the later lunch breaks on Monday to Wednesdays and
  • Why I had joined the Labour party?
I finished by encouraging them to engage in local politics because proportionately young adults 18-30 and women are under represented as Councillors. 

I enjoyed meeting these well motivated learners and responding to their thoughtful questions. I wish them all the best when they take their N4/5 examinations.