Updated and Improved National Entitlement Card for Older People Due to be Introduced Autumn 2016

National Entitlement Card Poster for Over 60's Transport Scotland June 20016
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If you are over 60 years old and your card has the OneScotland logo, a new style card will automatically be sent to your registered address before your current one expires. You don’t need to do anything.

Your current card may not be due to expire for several months however, new cards are being sent to everyone in advance of this and you should destroy any old bus passes now to avoid confusion.

The new style card has the mygovscot logo – replacing the One Scotland logo - see illustrations

You will notice that the new style over 60s card no longer has a valid to date. This means it is now a card for life. Cards issued on the grounds of disability will continue to display a “valid to” date.

If your current card has the mygovscot logo, then you already have the new card and will not need a replacement.

Card replacements
Please check that the photograph and personal details on your new card are correct.  If any are not, or if this card is for someone who is no longer at the address, telephone the number on the back of the card to report this. When you receive your new card you need to start using it immediately and destroy any old cards you have.