Forthill Out of School Club Celebrates 20 Successful Years

On Monday I visited the Forthill Out of School Club at Forthill Primary School. I held off writing about this until today to coincide with the Club's 20th anniversary. 

My meeting was with the enthusiastic and capable Manager of the Club. Margot Bruce, whose employment at the Club stretches back 19 years. 

The Club has consistently received some of the highest gradings available in their external assessments by the Care Commission. In the conclusion to their most recent report, the Inspector wrote: 
"The Out of School Club offered exceptional opportunities for children to learn and play in a safe and nurturing environment. The staff cared for each child as an individual, promoting a culture of friendship and respect for others. The children we spoke to said the club was 'fantastic', parents/carers also confirmed that the staff in the club were committed, conscientious practitioners. There was a wide range of learning and play experiences available to the children, which stimulated their imagination and creativity. The staff promoted the children's confidence by encouraging them to assess risks for themselves. Activities and resources were continually assessed by staff to ensure each child's interests were supported."

Clearly, the Forthill Out of School Cate Club provides exceptionally good quality pre-school, after school, and holiday services. Their 'wrap around' and quality child care and learning services are obviously appreciated and relied upon by many parents and carers. 

Best wishes to the Club for the next 20 years.