Consultation on Review of Statement Of Licensing Policy 2013-2016

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In terms of Section 6 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, the Licensing Board of Dundee City Council is obliged to review its Statement of Licensing Policy by the end of 2013.
The Board has already reviewed its policy on licensing hours for each premises in the city. At its meeting on 19th September 2013, it decided that premises which operate as traditional “public houses” or bars will be allowed to open until 0100 Friday/Saturday, premises with “substantial entertainment” (which shall not include karaoke or recorded music) can open until 0200 Friday/Saturday, and purpose-built nightclubs and other dedicated entertainment premises are allowed to open until 0300 Friday/Saturday.
Insofar as the remainder of the Board’s policy statement is concerned, the Board is pleased to receive any comments on the contents thereof. The statement can be found on the licensing pages of the Dundee City Council website or a copy can be inspected at the Licensing Office at 18 City Square, Dundee. In particular, the Board would welcome comments on the following,
  • are there any areas of the city which may be overprovided with licensed premises (either generally or of a specific type, e.g., off-sales) and, if so, which areas are these?
  • in light of the Board’s new policy on licensing hours set out above, should the Board continue with its current policy of allowing an additional hour over and above these closing times at trade holidays, Christmas, etc.?
A report summarising responses to this consultation will be submitted to the Board at its meeting on 14th November 2013. The consultation period runs until Thursday 31st October 2013. Responses can be sent to the Clerk to the Licensing Board, 21 City Square, Dundee DD1 3BY or by e-mail to