Dundee Pupils Excel in Barnum at Dundee Rep

Dundee Schools' Music Theatre perform Barnum August 2016
On Friday night I was at Dundee Rep where I thoroughly enjoyed a very entertaining and 'professional' performance of Barnum.

Senior pupils from our eight secondary schoools, who make up the company of Dundee Schools' Music Theatre, were the actors, singers and dancers who combined so wonderfully on stage.

Marceli Guziewicz played the demanding role of Phineas Taylor Barnum. He was on stage for most of the night with a confident presence and credible characterisation. Other stand out performers were Ava Hickey who played Charity Barnum, Jessica Sommerville who played the ringmaster and Tobenna Ogwuda who sang so brilliantly.

The company however all deserve praise for their dancing, singing and their juggling, clowning, acrobatics and other circus skills.

Even by the high standards of Dundee Schools' Music Theatre, this was an outstanding performance.