Flooding Again at Junction of Cedar Road and Forthill Road

Early evening yesterday, after a squally rain shower, there was once again flooding at the bottom of Cedar Road close to the junction with Forthill Road. I was on my way home from a social event and stopped to record what I could see.

As you can see from the video, liquid is pouring up out of the drains. Less obvious is that with the rain water run off in the drains there is also unpleasant and unhealthy household sewage which is also being flushed out of the drains onto the roadway and pavement. On the basis of previous flooding episodes at this location, it is most likely that when the waters subside, there will be sewage residues on the road and pavement.

I have informed Scottish Water and the City Engineers.

Now that the Council and other regional partners has a Flood Risk Plan, and an area such as this which is frequently subject to flooding shouldn't be ignored any longer. I hope that the drainage system will be enhanced to cope with current and future peak flows of domestic sewage and waste water as well as the rain water run off from Cedar Road and Forthill Road. 

More immediately, I have asked Scottish Water to clean up the area and remove sewage residues from the road and pavement once the flood waters have drained.