A Fair Way to Go: Report of the Dundee Fairness Commission Published May 2016

The Dundee Fairness Commission's report "A Fair Way To Go" was launched on the 20th May 2016. 

It brings together the work of the Fairness Commission during the past year and sets out a series of 56 recommendations to help tackle poverty and deprivation across Dundee.

I think that the Fairness Commission has helped to uncover and highlight uncovered the extent to which the experience of day to day life in Dundee
is profoundly unfair for too many of our citizens. 

The challenge ahead, as the Council and other partner orgnisations repond to our report, will be to carry on the conversations with individuals with personal experiences of struggling with inequalities. Not only will this ensure that our recommendations are not just shelved but also that, we can respect the principle of “nothing about us
without us”. I believe, these processes should help to turn the Commission’s recommendations into meaningful changes in policy and practice that will genuinely help to enhance fairness in our city.

Link to "A Fair Way to Go: Report of the Dundee Fairness Commission" May 2016

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