Teacher Reductions in Dundee Primary Schools

SNP claims that their £4 million plus package of education cuts in Dundee will only affect back office functions and will not affect teaching and learning are inaccurate and misleading.

Coming to many Primary School in the City will be a reductions in the number of Depute Head Teachers and a general increase in the teaching duties of any remaining Depute Head Teachers. When these deputes do more classroom teaching they will replace other teachers currently in their schools. They will not be an additional teacher in their schools. Overall the number of teachers in most primary school will fall.

Not only that but as a consequence there will be less time for the remaining Deputes to undertake classroom monitoring and other work on enhancing teaching and learning in their their schools. This is a recipe for undermining recent improvements in attainment and achievement in schools in the city. It will also mean that the overall pupil teacher ratio in Dundee Primary Schools will get worse. This is another example of SNP broken promises on Education.

I have requested that reductions on teacher numbers in our schools will be placed on the agenda of the next Education Committee so that it is no longer a matter hidden behind the shroud of secrecy of the Changing for Future Board. I think that parents and carers in Dundee have a right to know what is really happening in our schools.